So, you're headed out somewhere — a hot date, a wedding reception, drink with the girls — and you've got your outfit sorted. All you need is that final touch,  a good pair of heels, to complete your look. You try on option number one . . . nope, they don't go. You try on the next . . . nope, not those either. All of a sudden you're panicking, debating whether or not it's too late for a shopping trip...

That's where this article comes in. You can avoid any situation like this if you are prepared! Here are four pairs of heels that will keep you completely covered in the footwear department on all occasions... 


Get yourself one pair of heels that have a thicker, mid-height heel. They will give you more support, taking off some pressure and leaving your feet less sore when the night is through! Go for a nude colour, or a pastel pink or blue sandals, that you can wear with almost anything. 


Sleek, sexy and on trend all year around, your barely there heels will be your fave pair of shoes, 100%. I recommend a pair in black and white, to keep yourself covered. There is literally no outfit that these babies won't look fab with, so make sure you have a go-to pair. 


From your favourite pair of espadrilles to strappy sandals and must-have mules, wedges are the perfect summertime staple. Keep it casual with skinny jeans for a drink with the gals, or dress them up with a stylish midi dress for a hot date - you simply need a pair in your shoerobe.

To sum it up...

These three pairs will 100% keep your heel needs covered. Make sure you get a selection of colours - some dark, some more pale, so you can go from day to night.. 


Happy shopping!