Technology is progressing every day, and healthcare technology and things that can improve the lives of the elderly are progressing with it. Here are some of the biggest healthcare technologies that are helping the elderly to regain some independence in their everyday routine!

GPS Technology:

GPS technology systems are tracking devices and satellite locators, and when being used as aids to the elderly, they allow family members, health workers and law enforcement professionals to track and locate seniors when they are away from home. This is great in the event of an emergency, where a senior is suffering from a mental health problem, memory loss or confusion and leaves the house unattended. GPS tracking is easily accessed through smartphone devices and applications and can, therefore, allow the user to be situated and helped in a speedy fashion. Technologies like sensors, GPS tracking systems and even senior-focused social networking sites often mean that seniors can live at home and maintain a level of independence.

The GrandCare System:

The GrandCare System is a residential home system that comes with several adaptable features. The system is a large tablet face with user-friendly touch-screen buttons, which provides the user with instructions, reminders, medication prompts, social communications with friends and family and even entertainment features. Family members can easily stay connected with their loved ones through the Care Portal, which allows them to exchange messages, and to access important information on things such as upcoming events, health indications and medication renewals. This technology is so versatile and user-friendly that it’s truly having a positive impact on its users.

The Fitbit:

The Fitbit is not necessarily a technology that is specifically for the elderly. This is a device that encourages a healthy lifestyle for the people who use it. It’s important to maintain an active lifestyle when you are older so that you don’t lose mobility, or begin to deteriorate cognitively. The FitBit allows the user to set goals, monitors heart rate, sleep patterns and times and counts the number of steps that the user takes. This is a great way of encouraging the elderly to lead a more active and energetic life, it is essentially a wearable personal trainer that doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on the user.