Want to know all the best Summer 2017 jewellery picks? Here are three items you need right now...

Small Necklaces

While there are some occasions that call for a big and bold statement, which is when you turn to a big, chunky jewelled necklace. These pieces have always been popular, and can be seen on the runway’s season after season. This spring, however, is more about elegant neck wear. A dainty and delicate necklace has the added bonus of being versatile – it can be worn straight from the office to the dancefloor.

It’s always a good idea to build up your collection of more dainty necklaces from independent designers, instead of buying cheaper costume jewellery. Take a look at brands like Thomas Sabo, or try a Gucci Necklace, who have some pretty pieces that not only look great but will last a lifetime.

BIG Hoops

This summer, it’s all about making a real statement with your earrings. Think huge hoops or extra-long-length danglers that will make your ears stand out. Experiment with textures and colours, as we’ve seen a number of designers embrace feathers and tassels in their designs this season.

Loads of Rings

The best way to wear your rings this season is by stacking them! There are so many styles out there at the moment, so there is really there’s no excuse for having boring hands! You can mix and match your fave styles and try out different metals to take full advantage of this fresh trend. Mix up a rose gold band, for example, with a chunky silver style, and look out for bright gemstones. Look out for some sterling silver varieties if you want an affordable choice that won’t turn your fingers green. Again, Gucci Rings are a fab choice.

To sum it up…

You should try and use the summer months are the perfect time to experiment with styles and make some daring statements with your jewellery choices. Even if you’re not a big jewellery girl, try and throw a few new pieces into your collections to mix things up a bit and make your outfits pop.